Postdoctoral Fellow


I received my Master’s degree in Biotechnology at Bharathidasan University, Tamil Nadu, India, where I focused on studying the genetics of the HLA system and its association in patients with cancer and cardiovascular diseases. With strong interests in genetics and epigenetics, I then moved to Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute (Monash University), Melbourne, Australia, where my research focus was on DNA and RNA Epigenetics of cardiovascular diseases, for which I also received Monash Graduate PhD Scholarship award. For my Postdoctoral training, I moved to Mount Sinai Hospital, NY, USA, where I received American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship for deciphering the role of RNA Epigenetics and exosomes in cardiovascular health and disease. Currently, I aim to delineate novel gene regulatory networks mediated by genetic and epigenetic crosstalk in complex human diseases.

Selected Publications:

1. K N H*, Okabe J*, Mathiyalagan P*, Khan AW, Jadaan SA, Sarila G, Ziemann M, Khurana I, Maxwell SS, Du XJ, El-Osta A. Sex-Based Mhrt Methylation Chromatinizes MeCP2 in the Heart. iScience. 2019 Jul 26;17:288-301.

2. Mathiyalagan P, Adamiak M, Mayourian J, Sassi Y, Liang Y, Agarwal N, Jha D, Zhang S, Kohlbrenner E, Chepurko E, Chen J, Trivieri MG, Singh R, Bouchareb R, Fish K, Ishikawa K, Lebeche D, Hajjar RJ, Sahoo S. FTO-Dependent N6-Methyladenosine Regulates Cardiac Function During Remodeling and Repair. Circulation. 2019 Jan 22;139(4):518-532.

3. Mathiyalagan P*, Liang Y*, Kim D, Misener S, Thorne T, Kamide CE, Klyachko E, Losordo DW, Hajjar RJ, Sahoo S. Angiogenic Mechanisms of Human CD34+ Stem Cell Exosomes in the Repair of Ischemic Hindlimb. Circulation Research. 2017 Apr 28;120(9):1466-1476.

4. Mathiyalagan P, Okabe J, Chang L, Su Y, Du XJ, El-Osta A. The primary microRNA-208b interacts with Polycomb-group protein, Ezh2, to regulate gene expression in the heart. Nucleic Acids Research. 2014 Jan;42(2):790-803.

5. Mathiyalagan P, Chang L, Du XJ, El-Osta A. Cardiac ventricular chambers are epigenetically distinguishable. Cell Cycle. 2010 Feb 1;9(3):612-7.