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Welcome to the Hirschsprung disease study website

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Thank you for visiting Hirschsprung disease website! This site has been put together by the laboratory of Aravinda Chakravarti, PhD, where we have a large, ongoing genetic study of Hirschsprung disease. The site gives a brief introduction to what Hirschsprung disease is and gives more detailed information on what we know about the genetic basis of Hirschsprung disease. The site also describes the genetic studies taking place in our laboratory and how people with Hirschsprung disease and their family members can get involved in our studies.  Also included are links for additional information sources and support groups dealing with Hirschsprung disease (HSCR). 

* Please note: we are not able to help with clinical or diagnostic issues that you or your family member may be having, nor are we able to make referrals to doctors. This site is meant to provide information only and any personal health concerns should be discussed with your doctor.

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